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The Benelli Supersport is the ultimate choice for a fast 20-gauge shotgun for sporting clays. This Benelli shotgun is a true “speed gun”. The Supersport’s ComforTech recoil system allows the shooter to recover for the critical second shot faster than with any other comparable gun. Couple quick recovery speed with a ported barrel that keeps muzzle climb to a minimum and that means doubly fast. The ComforTech system’s special gel recoil pad and comb insert reduce felt recoil by up to 48% compared to the competition.


Reduces recoil by 47% for superbly comfortable shooting. The Comfortech System is the first and only patent in the world ableto change the rules of shooting, revolutionising the relationship between the individual and the gun and...
Superior shooting performance thanks to uniform barrel vibration and expansion during firing; broader, more even and more uniform hot patterns. Benelli is the first firearms manufacturer to apply industrial cryogenic treatments...
Essential design, simple construction, easy maintenance and mechanical precision for maximum strength and reliability. The cleverness of the Benelli System lies in the rigor of its design, constructional simplicity and ease of...

Technical details

Ga 20-3"
Stock and fore-end: 
Technopolymer camo carbon fiber with Air Touch checkering
Recoil pad: 
Technogel standard 25 mm
76 magnum
Inertial semi-automatic Benelli with variable geometry trigger release unit
Rolled and nickel plated Ergal
Interchangeable, anatomic in elastomer
Stock length trigger measured / deviation: 
360 mm / LH and RH adjustments
Drop at comb: 
41 mm
Drop at heel: 
60 mm
2650 g. approx.
Without plug 3 rounds of 20/76, 4 rounds of 20/70; 2 round with plug
Enlarged, transverse, with red ready to shoot signal
Trigger guard: 
Removable trigger unit; release force from 22 to 28 N; manual, transverse, reversible safety; automatic anti-repeat device, automatic locking device to prevent firing unless the bolt is fully retracted; magazine cutoff.
Fluorescent red


Instructions for maintenance and spare parts: