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Raffaello Ethos Sport 12 is a real assurance, a semi-automatic with easy and fast shouldering. This semi-automatic guarantees comfort and shooting efficiency thanks to the innovative Progressive Comfort system and the interchangeable comb. The perforated barrel is located at the perfect split time between one round and another, which minimises the uplift, doubling the re-targeting speed. The raised rib is made of carbon fibre. Ethos Sport, also available in 20 and 28 gauge, is the ideal shotgun for the hunter who wants to train at the shooting range or for the sportsman who prefers the semi-automatic.


Essential design, simple construction, easy maintenance and mechanical precision for maximum strength and reliability. The cleverness of the Benelli System lies in the rigor of its design, constructional simplicity and ease of...
The new system of progressive absorption of recoil that occurs in a gradual way based on the weight of the cartridges used. That is the true essence of comfort in the wood, a system invisible but highly sensitive.
Fine drop and cast regulation is permitted by 40 different shim combinations for a perfect and natural aim.
*/ ComforTech is the most efficient Full Comfort system in the world. The improved ComforTech 3 significantly reduces the perception of recoil. The return to aim is faster and shotgun control is optimised in each phase to ensure...