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M2 never stops and it excels in all uses, a specific model intended for the Standard Division and 3 Gun competitions, fully developed and manufactured by Benelli.
The new model, named M2 SP (Speed Performance), is characterized by the long red extension of the magazine tube, the wide tubular bolt handle, the larger bolt release button (red), the long fibre optics sight and the dedicated choke to be fast on the target.


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Technical details

Ga 12-3"
Stock and fore-end: 
Recoil pad: 
Interchangeable in polyurethane
3” magnum
Inertial semi-automatic Benelli with variable geometry trigger release unit Receiver: Matt black anodised receiver
Interchangeable in elastomer
Stock length trigger measured / deviation: 
365 mm modifiable to 355 mm with short recoil pad or to 375 mm with long recoil pad - var. right/left
Drop at comb: 
40 ± 1 mm
Drop at heel: 
60 ± 1 mm variable to 50, 55 and 65
3,250 g. approx. with 26" barrel
Red magazine tube for 10 rounds (12/70), 9 rounds (12/76)
5 cm fibre optic sight
Barrel: 26” with 10 mm ventilated rib with anti-reflective treatment; folding back-sight