Immagine Arma

The Argo E is a true jewel of Benelli technology. Now, this superbly reliable rifle also comes in a prestigious finish, with precious engravings that add character and elegance. The bolt side of the receiver depicts a wild boar in flight towards the undergrowth, while the other side is embellished with a stag attentively observing the trees. Gilt cameos add further refinement and create the ultimate blend of technology, reliability and style.


Benelli has renewed its ARGO E gas recovery system in its design, materials and action. A new piston guarantees jam-free functioning and new components made from special materials deliver the ultimate in corrosion resistance.
Superior shooting performance thanks to uniform barrel vibration and expansion during firing; broader, more even and more uniform hot patterns. Benelli is the first firearms manufacturer to apply industrial cryogenic treatments...
The new carbon fibre rib has been restyled and enriched with a notch housing a high luminosity optical fibre.
Selected walnut wood, finished with Benelli’s exclusive WoodTouch checkering guarantees a safe grip under all conditions.

Technical details

Ga 30.06 SPRING - 300 WM - 9,3x62 - 7x64 - 308 W
Stock and fore-end: 
In grade 4 oiled wood
Recoil pad: 
Technogel - standard 25 mm
Geometric locking with rotating bolt; A.R.G.O. gas operating system with short stroke piston
Nickel plated Ergal with hand rolled and finished gilt engravings
Drop at comb: 
42,5 mm adjustable to 39, 41, 44 and 46
Drop at heel: 
58 mm adjustable to 48, 53, 63, and 68
3.350 gr. approx. with 20" barrel
Silenced, reversible, ambidextrous transverse with red ready to shoot signal


Instructions for maintenance and spare parts: