Immagine Arma

“828” is the number that identifies the historical town of Urbino in Unesco’s list of World Heritage Sites. The 828 U over and under combines the artistry of the past with the technology of the future.
The elegance of the Black version of the 828 U is expressed through the sleek lines of a dark receiver that enhances the shotgun’s sporting character and creates perfect harmony of form between the different materials. The wood stock incorporates Benelli’s Progressive Comfort system, and a special polyurethane stock and comb that are superbly effective at reducing recoil and muzzle rise. Lightness, comfort, stability and versatility all find their ultimate expression in the 828 U. This quick swinging over and under is also amazingly steady and easy to customise for hunters of all statures and shooting styles. The 828 U is the only over and under that permits fine adjustment of drop and cast for truly perfect fitting.
The heart of Benelli’s O&U is its tempered steel lock plate. This simple but ingenious design guarantees robust, reliable locking and eliminates mechanical stress at the receiver’s hinge pins. By combining this advanced locking system with an aluminium receiver, Benelli has succeeded in creating an O&U shotgun that weighs less than 3 Kg but is also extremely robust and perfectly balanced.
Another key feature of the 828 U is its fast-acting, precise, compact, practical, reliable and easy to remove trigger unit. 
Owning an 828 U means tailored comfort and maximum accuracy.


The barrel Power Bore cryogenic drilling with diameters selected and extremely low speeds and provides greater penetration of the target. Cryo Power Bore hole drilling on a perfect bull's-eye target and insured.
The new system of progressive absorption of recoil that occurs in a gradual way based on the weight of the cartridges used. That is the true essence of comfort in the wood, a system invisible but highly sensitive.
Fine drop and cast regulation is permitted by 40 different shim combinations for a perfect and natural aim.
The 828 U’s steel locking mechanism is made to last and eliminates mechanical stress at the break action.

Technical details

Stock and fore-end: 
Pistol with Progressive Comfort system / ergonomic with safety release
Recoil pad: 
Special polyurethane, interchangeable
3” Magnum
Black anodised
Special polyurethane, interchangeable
Stock length trigger measured / deviation: 
Drop fitted 55 mm / Cast fitted 6 mm RH Drop supplied 42,5/45/47,5/50/52,5/57,5/60/62,5/65 mm Cast supplied 6 mm LH/ 3 mm LH/ 3 mm RH
2.980 g with 28” barrel
Manual slide on action (automatic option available)
Trigger guard: 
Single inertial selective trigger, polished chrome


Instructions for maintenance and spare parts: