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A.R.G.O. Patent

Simplicity, sturdiness, original and ingenious design are the distinguishing features of the patented A.R.G.O. Auto Regulating Gas Operated system, the gas-operated mechanism at the heart of the Argo and M4 models. Consisting of a gas operation unit containing a short-stroke piston, A.R.G.O. is located under the barrel, near the firing chamber, in order to exploit the hotter gasses and greater pressure. The gasses flowing from the barrel expand (in the gas collection cylinder) and rapidly accelerate the piston stroke, which simultaneously impacts with the bolt follower pins transmitting sufficient thrust to the bolt to send it backwards. It is self-cleaning because the position of the gas operation unit means that it works with gasses that are still hot and with relatively high pressures; in this way, the operation will always be safe with less build up of deposits. It is self-regulating because the gas operation valve acts as a regulator that expels excess gasses during firing. The greater the volume of gas flowing from the barrel, the quicker the pin valve opens and allows it to escape, in this way reducing the pressure inside the gas operation unitSelf-cleaning and self-regulating, A.R.G.O. guarantees firing precision, reliability, durability and confirms the technological superiority of Benelli.

Super Black Eagle

The reputation of the market leader in the field of mechanical design and technological innovation is based on certain unforgettable models. For the U.S. market Benelli was the first small arms manufacturer to make a semi-automatic able to fire supermagnum 89 mm cartridges, the Super Black Eagle. A sturdy and reliable gun, versatile and highly configurable. The guarantee of the inertial patent, the choice of resistant materials and indestructible workmanship have made the Super Black Eagle a shotgun that offers perfect and unexceptionable operation with any type of loading. Today it is the 31/2” semi-automatic that encompasses all the Benelli research and technology: the application of the Comfortech® System limits considerably the recoil felt during firing and allows a rapid return on target; barrels and chokes treated cryogenically guarantee excellent shooting accuracy; the trigger guard with its aggressive design and rich personality allows the trigger to be reached quickly and ensures a solid and safe grip, even with gloves on. Power, comfort during firing, precision and stability, shooting speed and reliable operation: Super Black Eagle is all of this.

The marines choose Benelli

In 1998 Benelli won the contract for equipping the U.S. marine corps with a new combat rifle. The firearm that achieved this international success is the M4, the semi-automatic with the A.R.G.O. gas operated system, innovative and ingenious mechanics, resistant, precise and totally reliable. Every functional and operational requirement set out in the USA tender was exceeded with flying colours: 6 bullets on target out of 100% of shots, against the 5 out of 50% required; dismantling time 45 seconds, against the 60 expected; cleaning and lubrication in 10 minutes, instead of the 20 demanded; operation without any part of the gun being changed for 25.000 rounds while 10,000 rounds were requested. The M4 passed the most rigorous tests of the Joint Service Combat Shotgun under all surroundings and weather conditions: sand, mud, dust, heavy rain, snow, immersion under salt water, always guaranteeing unexceptionable operation proving to be totally reliable under all conditions. A victory and international recognition that rewards the technological superiority and production quality of Benelli and all those who played an active role in achieving this important success.

The key to success

The ingenuity of the Benelli System, protected by international patent, lies in the rigor of its design, constructional simplicity and ease of maintenance. There are three main components: the bolt, that acts as an inertial mass and slides freely along guides made in the sides of the receiver, the locking head and the large free spring, mounted on the bolt. Its operations is ingenious and efficient. While the bolt assembly moves into the firing position, the locking head pin moves along a shaped guide inside the bolt to engage the locking head. When the trigger is pulled, all the components of the shotgun, with the exception of the bolt, move backwards. At the same time, the inertial spring is compressed between the head of the bolt and the body of the bolt itself. The cartridge drop lever rises to allow the cartridge to move from the magazine to the firing chamber. Towards the end of the recoil cycle, the pressure inside the chamber reaches a safe level and the backward movement of the shotgun slows down. Then, the heavy inertial spring pushes the bolt assembly backwards, releasing the revolving head of the bolt and extracting the cartridge fired from the chamber, pushing it against the ejector. When the empty cartridge leaves the receiver, the energy developed by the moving bolt assembly rearms the hammer and compresses the recoil spring inside the stock. Following this, the recoil spring pushes the bolt assembly forwards, in this way raising the shell forwards into the correct position and putting a new cartridge into the chamber. The brevity and ease of these movements together with mechanical precision and constructional simplicity guarantee an operating cycle which will not alter or jam, offering maximum resistance and extreme reliability.

M2 & M3

The M2 and M3 are versatile and powerful guns, totally reliable for any hunting and operating environment, thanks to great flexibility in use, precision and manoeuvrability. The M2 is an extremely resistant and exceptionally durable gun, due to the use of unalterable and technologically advanced materials such as the technopolymer for the stock and fore-ends. The high configurability of the shotgun makes its use very versatile: with a short barrel and special sights it is perfect for competition shooting, while with longer barrels, interchangeable chokes and variable drop stocks, it is ideal for hunting. The key to success for the M3 model lies essentially on the perfect combination of its operation: two mechanisms, semi-automatic and pump-action in a single gun. The switching system located in front of the arming rod makes it possible, with a simple action, to pass from the semi-automatic to the manual system. A gun that can take the widest range of cartridges and guarantees smooth operation, simple maintenance and maximum resistance under any conditions. The M2 and M3: resistant, and efficient shotguns that are safe and stable when fired.

Supernova: design and power

This is the shotgun that brought about a revolution in the field of slide-action firearms. Nova was the first pump-action firearm produced in Europe to have conquered the USA market. It is the first shotgun in the world with structural parts in tecnopolymer and with a rotating bolt mechanism, a symbol of safety, sturdiness, fluidity and speed of the arming cycle. Evolution today takes the name SuperNova. Superb and very striking design, attractive and distinctive lines for a state of the art product. It is the only slide-action gun to incorporate the Comfortech® System, the patent that has endowed the firearm with superior performance and operation, guaranteeing comfortable and controlled shooting even with heavy ammunition. Characterised by robust and decisive lines, the stock and receiver are made up of 2 separate sections. This allows maximum customisation, with possibility of changing the drop and deviation, something rarely found in pump-action shotguns. It is the only model to feature the Mag-stop, a button located under the fore-end that allows the cartridge in the chamber to be changed while leaving those left in the magazine in place. A reliable, safe and indestructible firearm with multiple applications that combines esthetics and advanced solutions.

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