This year again, Benelli is determined to be a key player in all the main exhibitions of our sector. The first important appointment of the year, the Las Vegas Shot Show has already taken place on the other side of the Atlantic. The great American public was waiting eagerly for a chance to admire the Ethos Silver and Ethos Black in the flash. These two new semiautomatics are designed thinking about the hunters of North America, and differ slightly in appearance from the Raffaello Black and Raffaello Power Bore, though they maintain most of the key features of the corresponding models for the Italian and European public. The large number of hunters who flocked to the presentation in the States clearly confirms the appeal of a design that is proving highly successful – as the Ethos in North America and as the Raffaello Black and Raffaello Power Bore in Europe. In fact, semi- automatic shotgun technology is rapidly establishing itself as the first choice of hunters around the world. Before long the Italian public shall have a chance to see the latest developments for the domestic market, and the spotlights are sure to focus on the latest Raffaello models. The next two exhibitions this year will be the Hunting Show in Vicenza, Italy, followed by the IWA exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany. Please consult your dealer to find out which exhibitions they will attend in your Country.