The last London Olympics were held successfully without any problems because of a safeguard from the sky, assured by specialized troops equipped with M4 shotguns. Olympic security of the sky has been guaranteed by Royal Air Force that deployed several types of vehicles and missiles and also coordinated the assets made available by Royal Army and Royal Navy.
On this occasion, RAF has deployed Puma helicopters carrying special aerial security teams with Accuracy International 338 LM L115A sniper rifle. The Benelli M4 has been part of the teams’ equipment of the British Armed Forces in the version equipped with the Eotech Holographic Sight and a long-range laser, able to be used both as long range collimator or dazzle potentially hostile presences.
The Benelli M4 began his career in 'U.S. Marine Corps of the United States as the M1014 Combat Shotgun: a successful story winning a severe tender, in which Benelli defeated all the most qualified global competition.
Combat proven shotgun used on the field by Armed and Police Forces in different areas of the globe, this Benelli is also a huge success in civilian markets. On the top for reliability in all conditions of use, robustness, durability, control, ease of use, handling and ergonomics, M4 can play all the roles assigned to a combat shotgun.
His appearance over London’s sky, adds M4 another dimension of use, confirming its great versatility.