Benelli’s new concept gun for 2015 is called Swan. As elegant and stylish as the bird from which it derives its name, the Swan maximises the pleasure of hunting with a small calibre shotgun. The Swan revives the most ancient traditions of the art of hunting. It’s design is inspired by the myth of Diana, goddess of hunters, and the close relationship between man and nature that she represents.

Diana symbolises sensuality, grace, strength and temperance. And these are precisely the characteristics that emerge from the fluid, fascinating and refined lines of the Swan. The materials from which the Swan is made are both natural and pleasantly tactile. With a design reminiscent of a swan in flight, the Swan is a 28 bore concept gun that enhances the skill and accuracy of the hunter who loves a challenge. The Swan is available in three different versions:

  • Silver, with a polished chrome plated receiver and walnut stock
  • Bright, with a matt receiver and natural finish walnut stock
  • Black, with a black receiver and superior grade walnut stock

Delightfully attractive and extremely easy to handle, the Swan turns the hunt into a graceful dance, a refined game of reciprocal understanding and respect between the hunter/huntress and their quarry.