Benelli’s 2013 concept guns represent state-of-the-art shotgun design and embody the ultimate in technology, performance, respect for the environment, advanced materials, innovative treatments and low-energy processes.

Our 2013 concept guns also draw attention to the new Raffaello, a shotgun that contains the very essence of Benelli, and is the result of our company’s exclusive heritage, ideas, know-how and manufacturing expertise.

This year’s two concepts, the Raffaello Nature and the Raffaello Naked Ice, are also the first guns to incorporate ideas that Benelli is developing for the future. Both concepts therefore exemplify possible future developments in materials and design, and contain concepts and ideas that may well serve as the basis for practical future applications, though today some may consider them somewhat visionary.

The appearance of the Raffaello Nature is characterised by a black anodised receiver and by the use of superior grade walnut that has not been subjected to any surface treatment. The result is a visually stunning shotgun. The three slots in the butt end of the stock serve primarily to reveal the elastic fins of the Progressive Comfort system, the original recoil reduction system that forms one of the many innovations on the 2013 Raffaello.    

The Naked Ice owes its name to its transparent stock and fore-end made from accurately machined polymethyl methacrylate (more commonly known as Perspex). Even more than the Nature, the Naked Ice is designed to reveal the value of what lies under the surface. The slogan linking both concepts is “The heart is below”, emphasising the fact that they and the Raffaello from which they are derived embody the very essence of Benelli.