Benelli presents its 2009 concept guns - The inexorable flow of energy

Urbino, Italy. January, 2009. Benelli has unveiled its new 2009 concept guns, inspired by the theory that energy is in a constant state of flux, a constantly evolving force capable of assuming new forms without constraint.

Taking cues from physics and science fiction, Benelli’s 2009 concept guns reflect the changing nature of energy and represent it in the shape of a Benelli Super Nova, turning an already revolutionary pump action shotgun into something that becomes even more unique and innovative. Transcending its robust appearance and taking on the changing and dynamic nature of energy, the Super Nova Concept Gun is a perfect example of Benelli’s relentless pursuit of progress. Matter, heat and light are portrayed as three manifestations of energy, and are named in the ancient Mayan language in homage to the ancient and mysterious pre-Columbian people who intently searched the skies for answers to their earthly questions.

LU’UM ÓOL (Energy as Matter): Einstein’s famous E=mc2 equation unequivocally demonstrates the direct relationship between energy and matter. And as mass can be transformed into energy, so energy too can be stored and embodied in material. What is now material was once energy... and will soon be energy again.

LELEM KA’AN ÓOL (Energy as Light): Light is nature’s way of moving energy through space at the breathtaking speed of nearly 300,000 kilometres per second, illuminating, enlightening, revealing or simply energizing everything that falls in its path. Light is energy in its most visible and awe-inspiring form.

OOXOL ÓOL  (Energy as Heat): Heat is energy that we perceive through our sense of touch, and can be pleasant or painful depending on its magnitude. Heat is a form of energy we feel on our own skin. In physics and thermodynamics, heat is the difference in temperature produced by the transfer of energy from one body or system to another. In nature, heat is vital and non-negotiable.

The 2009 Super Nova Concept Gun celebrates energy as unquestionably present, relentlessly flowing and undeniably essential.