2014 saw the presentation of three concept guns of ultimate technical content and style, the result of a methodical quest to take each style concept as far as it was possible to go. Our challenge was to prove that we could make a Benelli shotgun even more powerful while also making it lighter than ever before. Weight, power and strength, three characteristics normally considered to be mutually incompatible, were reconciled using composite materials and futuristic shapes that enhance the elegance of all three shotguns. The first of the three 2014 concept guns is elegantly finished in streaked grey, the colour of carbon fibre and aluminium fabric, while the leather that covers the comb, checkering and fore-end is finished in red to add a touch of class and elegance. The second concept gun has a matt satin finish and is covered in black leather. It also boasts refined details like a sight mounted on the receiver, which is finished in red. The third 2014 prototype stands out for the elegant polished finish of its metal surfaces, and for the single decorative element present, an eagle engraved on the right side of the receiver. Another element of refinement and distinction is the gun’s Progressive Comfort system, finished in highly distinctive red.