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This semi-automatic shotgun has been specially designed for dynamic shooting specialties. Like all the models in the Vinci family, no tools are required to strip it into its three main parts: stock, barrel and receiver. The Speed Bolt system incorporates a special, high density tungsten insert to make cycling even faster and to give excellent performance even with low shot loads. Easy to handle and quick to shoulder, this semi-automatic is ideal for sporting clays. The Speed Bolt maintains all the great features that have made the Vinci famous, including a ComforTech Plus stock, Free Floating Barrel and standard accessories like combs and recoil pads in different sizes for maximum adaptability.       


Optimises Benelli’s revolutionary and acclaimed ComforTech system by further reducing recoil and muzzle climb. Vibration and uplift are reduced to a minimum. The ComforTech Plus system guarantees a level of recoil reduction...
The barrel is designed to be free floating for unrivalled shooting accuracy. Benelli’s Free-Floating Barrel system (based on the same principle applied to high performance Bolt Action rifles) delivers unrivalled shooting accuracy...
Perfect distribution of forces, impeccable balance and minimal muzzle climb on firing. Benelli’s In-Line Inertia Driven System provides the most reliable action ever.Why put up with nineteenth century technology? The In-Line...

Technical details

Ga 12-3"
Stock and fore-end: 
Recoil pad: 
Interchangeable anatomic “Air Cell” polyurethane
76 Magnum
“Vinci Inertia System” with Speed Bolt
Interchangeable anatomic elastomer
Stock length trigger measured / deviation: 
365 mm / regolabile dx e sx
Drop at comb: 
39 mm
Drop at heel: 
60 mm (adjustable to 50-55-65)
Approx. 3,200 g
5 rounds, with availability of 3-round extension
Front transverse with red ready to shoot signal
Trigger guard: 
Ergonomic, technopolymer
Removable; trigger weight from 20 to 28 N; reversible, transverse safety; automatic anti-repeat device, automatic locking device to prevent firing unless the bolt is fully retracted; magazine cutoff
Red fluorescent optic fibre high-sight


76 Magnum
Steel shot


Air Cell recoil pad, right handed, short
Interchangeable air cell recoil pad, short (15 mm - optional)
Air Cell recoil pad, right handed, medium
Interchangeable air cell recoil pad, medium (25 mm - standard)
Air Cell recoil pad, right handed, long
Interchangeable air cell recoil pad, long (35 mm - optional)
Vinci Magazine tubes 5 shots
Interchangeable 5 round magazine
Vinci Magazine tubes 7 shots
Interchangeable 7 round magazine
Vinci Magazine tubes 9 shots
Interchangeable 9 round magazine
Technogel combs vinci low
Lowest comb in series
Technogel combs vinci high
Hake high 25 mm right / left
Cleaning kit
Vinci drop adjustment kit
Benelli oil
Benelli's new gun oil is specially formulated to satisfy the strictest...
Criogenic internal choke
Int/Est Chokes
Choke Kunrled
Vinci Compact carrying case
An innovative and original case that makes light work of carrying your Vinci...
Vinci pistol grip stock


Instructions for maintenance and spare parts: