SuperNova Comfortech Camo

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SuperNova Comfortech Camo
ComforTech Reduces recoil by 47% for superbly comfortable shooting. The Comfortech System is the first and only patent in the world ableto change the rules of shooting, revolutionising the relationship between the individual and the gun and establishing new balances between weights and sizes, performance and ergonomics. Through the use of advanced technological means, state-of-the art materials and sophisticated calculation programs, specialist engineers...
Inertia System Essential design, simple construction, easy maintenance and mechanical precision for maximum strength and reliability.The cleverness of the Benelli System lies in the rigor of its design, constructional simplicity and ease of maintenance. There are three main components: the bolt, that acts as an inertial mass and slides freely along guides made in the sides of the receiver, the locking head and the large free spring, mounted on the bolt.Its...
The SuperNova Camo is a hard-wearing, practical gun that is highly configurable to ensure comfort and quick firing. For the nature-loving huntsman, receiver and stock are in camo finish technopolymer, guaranteeing maximum resistance to both high and low temperatures.
Mechanics :
Pump shotgun
Ga 12-3.5"
89 Supermagnum
Stock and fore-end :
Stock length trigger measured / deviation :
360 mm / LH and RH adjustments
Drop at heel :
55 mm adjustable at 45, 50, 60
Drop at comb :
43 mm
Steel structure with plastic coating
Fluorescent red
Safety :
Transverse, ambidextrous, with red ready to shoot signal
Trigger guard :
Interchangeable, anatomic in elastomer
Recoil pad :
Rubber double ventilation
4 Magnum cartr.; 4 Super Magnum cartr.
3,600 g. approx. with 28" barrel
Instructions for maintenance and spare parts:
Technical data:

Accessori/Canne Fucile

Configura Accessori

Clear personalization

Click on accessories to configure the rifle
Available as an optional. Increases total magazine capacity: Extra-Long - 9 +1 (standard rounds) - 8 +1 (magnum rounds) - 7 +1 (Supermagnum rounds); Long - 7 +1 (standard rounds) - 6 +1 (magnum rounds) - 5 +1 (Supermagnum rounds). i
Magazine extension tube 3 x 70 mm
Magazine extension tube 3 x 70 mm
High comb, 25 mm, right / left i
Technogel combs high
Technogel combs high
Lowest comb in series i
Technogel combs low
Technogel combs low
Medium comb, 12.5 mm i
Technogel combs medium
Technogel combs medium
Int/Est Chokes
Int/Est Chokes


Pistol grip stock
Pistol grip stock to replace the standard stock. i
Telescopic stock
Cleaning kit
Drop adjustment kit
Benelli oil
Benelli's new gun oil is specially formulated to satisfy the strictest protection, lubrication and cleaning requirements. Powerful detergent and cleaning action. i
Internal Choke